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6/2/08 - because of the unusual situations with both the bullion markets and the USA dollar exchange rate everything (11/16/2008) you should consider ALL of my posted prices to be provisional.  There may be changes in any category.  This notice will be posted on a few other pages but not all.  But this is your official notice. (Renewed 1/4/2010 - this is what low level chaos feels like.)  (6/8/2010 chaos continues to build.  Think before you act.  Think before you think.  Observe before that.  Remember to breathe.) 10/21/2010 so here we are living history.  How long has this crisis been going on?  3 years?  11?  40?  65?
This aviso renewed again 4/10/2011.  It hasn't been this eventful since the 60s.  And again 10/6/2011.  5 years of financial crisis.
And again 2/26/2012.  And of course 8/3/2012.  May 26 2013: gold & silver were up, now they're down, there are still prices in my coins inventories that are too low, but probably also some that are too high.

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1. IT HAS APPARENTLY become illegal for Americans to own Bulgarian material from before 1750 without proper certificates, though the market for that stuff is free in Bulgaria & the EU, just us.  I guess that means that all of those trachea, Celtic coins, etc. are from Hungary or Romania?  I see the Feds seizing the shipments of a major dealer here & there but they have not impacted the bottom end of the market where I and my colleagues buy & sell our pitiful pieces of junk.
2. I WANT TO DISCUSS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY - in my opinion it has been systematically broken at the state level by the Obama machine, while at the top it has been sold to a faction of "the oligarchy."  I won't defend that statement here for lack of space.  The upshot is that the state parties are cash & talent starved & politically on their own.  In my state the Dems have no power on the state level & there is ideological war between the "people's needs" people & the "let's talk with the people who have the money" people.  Registered Dems outnumber Reps & what we call "unaffiliateds" here but gerrymandering has put them out in the cold.  The state primary looks to be the usual snoozefest in which a 15% turnout will be considered "good."  My local Dem candidate for state House is the only one in the county (?) with a primary opponent, a DINO who voted for McCain & Romney & editorialized about how great Palin was in his student newspaper.  I read about how some Tea Party people switched their registration to Dem & filed to run in the Dem primary in Montana.  Maybe we have one of those here?  It is an odd & muddy situation.  In my opinion being unaffiliated & taking the "plague on both their houses" view is counterproductive: we live in their neighborhood & they are the ones who decide what to do & how.  Election year.  I am making lemonade.
3. AND ABOUT THE SUPREME COURT CAMPAIGN MONEY DECISION: the only remedy is door-to-door personal contact.  If that is done all the money there is won't matter.  It is to turn off the TV & talk with the neighbors.  What do you think?

1. ABOUT THE COIN MARKET: it is generally off.  One can tell because the big guys are all talking about how great everything is but traffic is light & what they are talking about is some million dollar coin that sold somewhere.  Sellers of ordinary stuff are trying to hold their prices but a lot of it just sits there.  Ebay has become the best indicator for prices on ordinary stuff, the indications are that there are bargains around if you like same old.  On the other hand, interesting material has become scarce.  I've had less stuff thrown at me, most of it is quite ordinary if not inferior, I pay not very much for it, sell it for not very much too.  China & India have been the star countries for coins for the last few years but the bloom is off both of those roses and we are picking around in the crumbs.  A US dealer laments Peace dollars only worth $20 (to buy).  A world crown guy keeps asking for good stuff but there isn't any.  I was shown a collection of mostly #2 or less Mexican coins, offered $10,000, didn't get it.  I had previously not gotten a porcelain notgeld collection from that dealer.  The porcelain went to a collector at about 50% higher than my bid, which was a great retail deal, but that would have been impossible for me.  So good for them.
   I'm not complaining, just explaining.  I can probably sell coins all next year before I have to go out and try to find something.  Nevertheless, if you have interesting stuff I want to buy it if you'll let me, and if you have ordinary stuff I'll buy that too, pay well, given the state of the market.
2. I have two adult children living here with us, the older one got a dog, so we have a dog.  That's pretty interesting in a grinding sort of way.  The younger one has a job as a math tutor, possibility of going somewhere in a minor kind of way.  Older one is working some for me, also for a carpenter.  I'd rather have them here than sleeping on someone's floor.  Looking forward to spring.  We can skip winter far as I'm concerned.
3. Merry Christmas y'all.  Take it easy, get plenty of sleep.

I can comment on local politics, perhaps you have heard about us in NC:
1. VARIOUS TOPICS - They took the water away from Ashville, Ashville has sued.  They delayed a plan to clean up pollution for the Raleigh water supply for 2 years.  The attempt to establish a separate charter school board failed but they cut education big time.  Cut unemployment, cut medicaid, did not join Obamacare.  Messed with voting system in various ways, all of the things make it harder to vote.
2. FRACKING - they could not get it together, the moratorium on fracking stands.
3. DIRECTOR of public safety resigned suddenly, the governor mispronounced his name twice while announcing it.  There is probably a scandal but details have not emerged.  The #2 resigned at the same time.  There is no replacement at this time.  That department will be run by a committee.
4. GOVERNOR is seeming to be clueless, incompetent, powerless, ignorant.
5. BUT THE OTHER PARTY (mine) is in various kinds of slothful disarray.  All in all pretty bubbly politics in the state in which I live.

1. BEES - 30%+ honeybee dieoff in USA 3rd year in a row.  Europe has banned neonicotinoid pesticides suspected as a cause of colony collapse disease.  I see/hear no discussion of this issue at any level of government.  Something to write to legislators about.
2. OTHER BUGS - there is starting to be increasing talk about farming insects for food.  What better indication that food is getting tight?  Time to figure out how to break our addiction to food.
3. WATER - in North Carolina there are legislative (Republicans have supermajority) moves to confiscate municipal assets such as water supply and airports and to give them to governor (Rep.) appointed oversight boards.  It is thought that these moves are a prelude to privatization.  They are also trying to remove oversight of charter schools from the state Board of Education & to establish a separate charter board.  It seems they want to dismantle & sell off everything they can in the time they have.
4. FRACKING - there was supposed to be a deal here involving significant disclosure of the fracking chemicals but Halliburton (a corporate person) complained & they sent the bill back to committee.
3. AND - the director of public safety (top cop) is continuing to advise his clients (Republican party, etc. & others with business before the government) in his capacity as a duly licensed lawyer.  He insists that he is avoiding conflicts of interest but declines to reveal details of course because of confidentiality.  It is a golden age of cronyism here.
4. I NEED TO BUY your good coins & notes & military medals now.
5. Ask me about my recent negative interaction with paypal.

1. NC POLITICS: Repubs have the gov & the leg & are going nuts trying to get as much done as they can as if they figure they're going to lose big next time so better hurry.  There is a higgledy piggledy aspect to their activities, seems to be a lot of surface pride.  They did a dandy gerrymander in the reapportionment but there is a degree of excess that I think bodes ill for the future.  We shall see.  Possibly the most dangerous thing they are working on is fracking.  We have frack unfriendly geology, the possibility of extensively poisoned ground water is being ignored.  They plan to remove science advisors from some of the pertinent oversight boards.  It is very strange.  Stampede to stupidity.
2. USA POLITICS: strangeness on that level too.  Kerry as Sec State was nothing but a personal bonbon, not a particularly outstanding person but helped Obama at the start.  Not that Susan Rice would have been better.  I guess its hard to find talent.  But never mind.  The idea of firing every member of Congress seems popular on right & center (there is no organized left here).  It seems 2014 might be a great year to throw out a bunch of bums, but again, where is the talent?  None on the right, second string all.  Not much in the center.  Time for a change but where are the changers?
3. AND THE WORLD: it is pretty droughty in a lot of places this winter.  We seem to have lucked out again in the flu season.  Food & water, that's what I want to keep my eyes on.  But I can't.  Too much work to do.  Spring coming soon.  Keeping my fingers crossed.
4. I NEED TO BUY your good coins & notes & military medals now.

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